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Condos For Sale In Houston: How To Find Your Perfect Home In Houston

Amanda Stevens

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Jul 17, 2022 7 MIN READ

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Houston is one of the top spots to live in Texas, and it’s easy to see why. But in this crowded market, it can be hard to find the perfect home, not because there aren’t plenty of options, but because it can be hard to decide between the different condos that are available. 

Not to mention that today’s fast-moving housing market means that you need to act fast if you want to get accepted! 

If you’re in the market for condos for sale in Houston, you’re in the right place. We’ll talk about what you should be looking for, the pros and cons of condo living vs. living in a single-family home, and some tips for looking for the right real estate agency in Houston. 

Sounds good? 

Let’s get started! 

What To Look For When Searching For Condos For Sale In Houston

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re looking for condos for sale in Houston. Some things might be features that are on your wishlist, while others are absolutely critical for making sure a condo is a good investment and that you’re going to be comfortable living in your new Houston condo. 

Trying to choose between different condos for sale in Houston can be challenging, but when you know what you’re looking for it’s a lot easier to make sure you’re choosing the right condo for your needs. 

The Basics: Size And Optional Amenities

The first things you need to be looking at are whether any of the condos for sale in Houston meet your basic requirements. 

Basic requirements should include things like: 

  • Number of bedrooms you need
  • Number of bathrooms you need
  • In-Unit laundry? Onsite laundry?
  • Does the condo come with an office
  • Is the kitchen big enough? 
  • Is the living room big enough? 
  • Does the unit come with its own air-conditioning and heat? Building-wide air? 

Some of these are pretty clear, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need to make a condo a good option for you and your family. 

For instance, a single condo might only need 1-2 bedrooms, but if you have a family it might be better to look for larger condos with more bedrooms. 

But some of the basics are worth exploring a little more before we move on to other considerations. 

Air Conditioning

Heat is a little less important in Houston most of the time, but AC is an important feature for any home in Houston, whether you’re looking at the condos for sale in Houston or are looking for a house. 

There are two different kinds of AC you can get in condos, in-unit AC and building AC. Of the two, in-unit AC is usually better because you have more direct control over the AC and it’s more likely to be able to keep the whole condo at a good temperature. 

Building AC is often a cheaper way to handle AC, and it typically works well enough. However, you might not have as accurate control over the temperature in your condo, and there may be more warm or cold spots in your home. 

Kitchen Size And Amenities

The equipment in your kitchen, along with its size, is one of the most important ways to decide whether any condo is the right one for you. A too-small kitchen can be one of the biggest reasons people get sick of their condo and decide to move later on. 

Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen, along with how many small appliances you normally use. Will there be space for all your kitchen equipment in the condo you’re considering? 

You should also pay attention to whether your condo comes with its own refrigerator, how big the space for the refrigerator is and whether it’s big enough for your needs. Does the unit have its own dishwasher, and again, is the dishwasher relatively new, relatively efficient, and big enough to suit your needs?

Sink size and whether or not the sink has a disposal unit are also important factors to consider. 

Lastly, does the kitchen come with its own stove and oven, are they one unit or separated? Is the heating style, gas or electric, what you would prefer? How old is the oven and stove? 

In some cases, you may be able to get the previous owner of a condo to update the appliances before you move in, but if the appliances aren’t what you would prefer it’s a good idea to have a plan to update them yourself just in case. 

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Other Things To Look For Buying Condos For Sale In Houston

There are a lot of other things you may want to consider when you’re choosing between different condos for sale in Houston. Not all of these things may apply to your situation, but we’ll list them to help get you thinking about the kinds of features you do and don’t need in your new home. 

  • Location, are you near nightlife? What is the neighborhood like? What about local amenities like grocery stores and gyms? 
  • Are there any schools nearby? 
  • How long is the commute to your job? 
  • What is local traffic like?
  • Does your condo have a first-floor entrance? 
  • Is there an elevator if you don’t have a first-floor entrance?
  • Is your condo building an apartment conversion? 
  • How is the soundproofing? 
  • Do you have hard flooring or carpets? 
  • Is public transit an option near your condo? 

These kinds of details aren’t always make it or break-it features of your condo and condo location, but they’re still important to consider when you’re deciding between different options on the market. 

Especially if you’re looking at condos that are relatively similar on the inside, it’s a good idea to see what the surrounding location is like. 

Pros & Cons Of Buying A Condo Vs A Home In Houston

Condo living is great, but it isn’t for everyone. Choosing the right kind of home for your life in Houston is just as important as choosing a home with the right features or that’s in the right location. 

Here are some of the most important pros and cons of condo living for you to consider: 

Pros: Cons: 
  • Condos are a good way to build equity
  • Usually more affordable than a house
  • Condos are often in the best locations in the city
  • Living in a condo may offer security benefits like a guard or just more eyes and ears in the area. 
  • Condos sometimes have clubhouse amenities in addition to your in-unit features
  • Utilities can be less or may be included with HOA fees. 
  • You can make any home improvements you choose
  • Condos often come with discounted or free maintenance services
  • You don’t own any land or have a yard with most condos
  • Most condos have ownership fees to access the additional amenities in the complex
  • HOA and community rules need to be followed to live in the condo
  • Not all condos get assigned parking
  • Converted apartments that are turned into condos may be louder/not have good soundproofing
  • Even in condos with assigned parking, parking spots aren’t guaranteed, and it can be harder to find guest parking


Overall living in a condo can be a great way to experience the best Houston has to offer, but it’s important to consider the ups and downs before you commit to condo ownership. 

Even if you’re only planning on living in your condo for a few years, it’s a good idea to think about whether the condo lifestyle will suit you. 

How To Find The Best Real Estate Agency To Help You Find A Condo For Sale In Houston

Choosing the right condo is hard but choosing the right real estate agent will make it a lot easier. 

For one thing, having a real estate agent on your side will help you narrow down your options to make sure the condos you’re looking at already meet most or all of your criteria for a new home. 

Your real estate agent will also be able to smooth the process, give you advice on how quickly you need to get an offer when you decide on a condo and can help steer you toward the options that are most suited to your wants and needs in Houston. 

Because there are often a lot of condos for sale in Houston, working with a real estate agent with more knowledge about the city and different neighborhoods will help make sure you’re happier and more comfortable with your new condo. 

But, choosing the right real estate company isn’t as simple as it might seem. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re comfortable with your real estate agent and working with the right company. 

Do I trust that my realtor is looking for the kinds of condos I want to live in? 

This is one of the most basic questions. If your realtor keeps taking you to condos that don’t fit your criteria, you’re probably not working with the right person. If budget is a concern your realtor should be able to help set expectations and talk about potential compromises that would help you stay within your budget. 

Do I feel comfortable asking my realtor questions? 

Questions are a normal part of looking for a home, from wondering what kinds of things you should be looking at during tours, to wondering why inspections are so important. If you aren’t comfortable asking questions you might miss out on important information about your new home. 

how to find your perfect home in houston

Do I like spending time with my realtor? 

Your realtor doesn’t need to be your best friend, but they should be someone you’re comfortable around. That way you’re less distracted by your realtor and better able to focus on the condos you’re considering. 

Did my realtor help find some good first options? 

This is similar to finding the kind of condos you want to live in, but the first options are a good test of whether your realtor is listening to your goals in a home and has a good sense of the kind of condo you’d like to live in. 

If they aren’t giving you good options or seem to prefer a style you don’t like, that may be a good sign that you should work with someone else. 

Looking For A Real Estate Agency In Houston? 

Ready to find your very own condo in Houston? At Teifke Real Estate we’re confident that we’ll not only be able to match you with some of the best condos in Houston, but we’re also sure we’ll have a realtor that’s a good match for your needs. 

Contact Teifke Real Estate to set up an appointment or to learn more about our process.

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