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Houses For Sale In El Paso, TX: How To Find Your Perfect Home In Texas

Amanda Stevens

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Nov 4, 2022 6 MIN READ

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Thinking about moving to Texas? El Paso might be one of the most exciting cities in the state to move to right now, so don’t wait. 

El Paso is Texas’s 6th largest city, which means it’s downright huge compared to the major cities in a lot of other states. It’s the state’s Westernmost city, and also one of the places that has been best insulated against the shocks and downturns that came with the pandemic. 

What does that mean for home buyers right now? 

Well, as it turns out, a lot! Let’s talk about why this city is booming right now, what you should be looking for when looking for housing in this area (and why there is a lot to choose from) and why it’s a good idea to have a real estate agent helping your search. 

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it! 

Thinking About Moving? Maybe You Should Consider El Paso As Your Next Move

When people are looking for a new place to live, or a home to live in their same community, one of the biggest things they consider (or should consider) is what the job market looks like in that area. The more competitive and varied the local job market the more secure your prospects are likely to be in that area. 

Good news! Jobs are one of the main reasons El Paso is booming right now, with a diverse jobs market and a lot of different businesses that are always looking for new talent. The city has a wide range of work, from service and retail jobs all the way up through business executives and C-Suite positions at leading companies. 

Of course, that also means that there is a full range of housing available in this area, from affordable single-family and multi-family homes to luxurious mansions and expensive houses and condos. 

The environment and weather also can’t be beat, at least if you’re looking for somewhere warm and sunny! This city is one of the United State’s sunniest cities, getting an average of 297 sunny days a year and only a few inches of snow and rain. 

Franklin Mountains National Park and other outdoor attractions, like the El Paso Rose Garden, are also a huge part of what makes this city a great place to live. Sure, the conditions are often more desert than rainforest, but it’s hard to deny the natural beauty of the landscape.

But, one of the biggest reasons to move here? 

It’s an affordable place to live. This city still enjoys lower housing costs and lower cost of living than a lot of the country’s biggest cities. Considering that Texan cities tend to have lower cost of living in general, especially around Houston, it’s a major advantage that this city is even more affordable

Of course, those are just a small handful of the reasons you might want to move to this amazing city. Chances are you have your own reasons, whether you love the culture of the city, have relatives nearby, or are just looking to shake up your lifestyle and find something fresh and new. 

What To Look For When Searching For Houses For Sale 

Buying housing in El Paso is a big like buying housing anywhere else, and also a little different. 

For one thing, the varied housing market means that there’s almost always a wide range of accommodations to choose from, and it’s more important to understand your budget and the types of housing available in different neighborhoods. 

Like everywhere in Texas, it’s important to understand what kind of financial preparations you need to be ready for home ownership in Texas. 

Once you’re sure your credit score is in order and you’re ready to make a down payment on your home (10-20% is preferred), you’re ready to start looking. 

The trick in this city is getting a combination of the features you’re most looking for, along with good AC, home insulation, and features that will make it easier to keep the heat outside! 

Here are some things to think about when you’re buying a home in this Texas city: 

Location and Local Amenities and Services

This city is mostly a car’s city. There is some mass transit in the more downtown areas, but once you’re looking outside of downtown you’re probably going to need at least one vehicle to get around. Preferably, you should have one vehicle for every working adult or teen in your home. 

El Paso being a car town also means that it’s important to think about what local amenities are available. How close is the nearest school, doctor’s office, grocery store, or hospital? Think about what services and amenities you’re most likely to use, and concentrate on living somewhere that has those services around. 

Easy access to one of the highways in town may also be a good thing if you want to explore the wilderness around El Paso or have easy access to Texas’s other cities and hotspots. 

Be Prepared For Property Taxes

Living in Texas comes with the boon of not having to pay state income taxes, but living in this Texas city comes with some of the highest property tax rates out there, at over 2%, a little more than double the national average. 

Make sure you’re thinking about property tax when you buy your home, and that you can afford it. Don’t be afraid to ask your realtor about property taxes either, at the price the house is either on the market or that you’re planning to offer. They should be able to give you a rough estimate. 

Look For Homes That Stay Naturally Cool

There are a lot of ways to cool off in this city, whether you’re headed to the local pool or just hanging inside during the worst of the summer heat. But, since this is one of the sunniest cities in the country, you don’t want to rely on AC alone to keep your home cool during the day. 

A combination of energy-efficient design, good insulation, and even having a basement can all help keep your home cooler. 

The better your home is at staying cool, the lower you’re likely to be able to keep the utility bills in the summer. 

Plus, insulation can also help keep your home warmer during the rare winter cold snap! 

Good Maintenance Records

One of the things about housing in this area is that a lot of the housing stock is on the older side, with many homes being built 30-40 years ago. 

That’s not a big problem for the most part, and there is plenty of new housing being built, but if you’re looking at an older home it’s a good idea to ask about maintenance. When was the last time the water heater was inspected? The plumbing? The roof? 

The more records of maintenance, and the better quality the maintenance that has already been done, the less likely you are to discover serious problems during home inspections. 

Why You Need To Consider Getting Expert Help When Buying A House 

Getting a real estate agent is usually a good idea when you’re looking for a house. Not only does your real estate agent understand the paperwork and timelines for buying a home, but they also usually have access to more home listings and information about the homes available in your area. 

That said, there are some places where having an experienced real estate agent who understands the area better is more important than other places. 

For instance, in this Texas city, you just need a slightly different kind of house for it to feel as comfortable as it should on the inside. Your real estate agent will be able to help you find the homes that will be comfortable year-round, that are more efficient designs for the environment, and that still have all the space and amenities you’re looking for. 

Your real estate agent will also be better equipped to tell when a home is well maintained, or to be able to figure out when you’ve got a little more room to negotiate on prices. 

how to flip houses for sale

Basically, having a real estate agent on your side will help make sure you get a good deal on your home, and a home worth having, not just in the short term, but also the long term and the whole time you live there. 

Remember, a house isn’t just about having a place to live. It’s also a way to build wealth and invest in your future and your family’s future. 

How To Find A Premier Real Estate Agency Who Can Help You Find Your Perfect Home 

There are a few things you should be looking for in a real estate agency in this area. In fact, there are three key factors that can make a huge difference in your home-buying experience: 

  1. Your real estate agent’s familiarity with the area and the local housing market. 
  2. How comfortable you are talking with your real estate agent, asking questions, and informing them about your preferences. 
  3. Whether your real estate agent has the local connections to help you find the best fit and the best price at the same time. 

We’re confident, at Teifke Real Estate, that we’ll be able to match you with a real estate agent that is a comfortable fit, knows the area you’re looking at, and has the connections and skills needed to help you get your dream home here in El Paso. 

Don’t wait, contact Teifke Real Estate so we can help you get started on the path to your new home!

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