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Tiny Home Communities In Texas: How To Find Your Perfect & Affordable Home

Amanda Stevens

Content Strategist

Nov 3, 2022 6 MIN READ

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Tiny home living isn’t just taking off on reality TV. Nope! For a state known for making everything bigger and better, Texas has a surprisingly large, and growing, tiny home community. 

More and more people are realizing that moving smaller can actually help them make the most of their lives, resources, and build a deeper connection to the place they live. 

After all, when there’s less space in your home, there’s more and more reasons to explore the place you live and take advantage of public spaces and amenities. 

Of course, Tiny Home living comes with more advantages than just a slimmed-down lifestyle. There are a lot of reasons to consider tiny home communities in Texas. Here’s what you need to know, from the benefits of tiny home living to what you should look for, and why having a real estate agent is still critical for finding (or building) the perfect Tiny Home. 

Why Buy A Tiny Home?

There are a lot of reasons that people might consider going tiny, from using fewer resources to having a more economical and restrained lifestyle. In Texas, one of the big pros of tiny home living is that so much of life is spent outside your home anyway! 

If you’re really going to enjoy the rich culture and beautiful environments in Texas, you don’t need as much to do at home. Everything you could need is just outside the front door! 

Here are some of the top reasons people decide to switch to Tiny Homes, and why Texas is a particularly good state for building them. 

Environmentally Conscious

Tiny Homes are one way of fighting back against the idea that more consumption is better consumption. Since Tiny Homes use fewer materials, need less maintenance, and generally use fewer resources after construction, they are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to live in the modern world. 

In fact, this is probably the #1 reason people cite when they decide to go Tiny, wanting to cut down on material waste and live in a way that’s less of a burden on the planet. 

Texas Offers Most Of The Amenities You Could Want

Texas’s cities generally have a lot of amenities, attractions, and places to be. There are a lot of parks, museums, libraries, and other community spaces that can take the place of a larger home with more space and more distinct areas. 

Community creative spaces and studios even fill the gaps for hobbyists and people who want more creative outlets without investing in all the tools and storage space on their own. 

Lower Bills

Living in a Tiny Home also comes with financial advantages, like lower bills for heating and cooling, less electricity for lights and appliances, and generally lower consumption all round. 

That means year-round savings and a more economical way to live if you have a tight budget. 

Of course, some amenities can bring prices back up (hot tubs are a popular addition to this type of housing in Texas), but generally, you’ll pay less to maintain your home, less in utilities costs, and less to build or buy your home than you would pay for a larger more traditional space. 

Less Maintenance

One big plus of smaller homes? Less to maintain! Whether you’re talking about cleaning the inside or clearing the gutters, there’s just less you need to do to keep a Tiny Home in top condition. 

That translates to less time spent on maintenance tasks, and more time to enjoy the rest of your life and do the things you love doing. 

More Freedom To Move Around

Did you know that some Tiny Homes are built on trailers and are fully mobile? 


Not all Tiny Homes are built this way, but the ones that are are perfect for road tripping, seeing the country, and having a more flexible mobile lifestyle. 

With the advent of work-from-home solutions being more broadly embraced in the pandemic era, mobile living in a Tiny Home is a practical option for more and more professionals, not just retirees. 

Tiny Home-Friendly Regulation

Why does Texas attract so many Tiny Home communities and new builders? Well, part of it is that Texas has a friendly attitude toward this type of housing and legislation that supports the building of these low maintenance homes. Or at least, Texas doesn’t restrict against this type of living. 

Unlike many states that have legislated that building a Tiny Home as a primary residence is difficult or outright impossible, Texas doesn’t really see a problem with people living the way they want to live. 

The result? A lot of people moving to Texas when they realize that this type of small home lifestyle is right for them. 

Builders And Architects As Far As The Eye Can See

Another big reason small homes are big business in Texas? 

We have the professionals who can make it happen. 

From builders, contractors, and even architects, the professionals you need to create this type of home are plentiful in Texas, and hiring rates are reasonable. 

That means that you aren’t stuck with pre-built homes. You can customize and build the exact kind of small home you’re looking for. 

What To Look For When Searching For Your Dream Home 

If you’re looking at Tiny Homes as a possible option, there are a few things you should consider before you’re committed to this lifestyle or any one particular small home community in Texas. 

Customization Options

One of the most important things about Tiny Homes is getting the exact kind of home you need. Customization is key because with limited space you need to make sure your priorities and needs are fully addressed as efficiently as possible. 

If you’re looking at pre-existing small homes, you also need to consider how much customization you can still do. Some communities might have certain pre-approved plans that you need to look into before building or buying this type of home. In that case, you should ask about how much you can customize from the plan, and if additions and significant changes are allowed. 

In some cases, it may be better to build from scratch rather than trying to make a pre-built homework for your needs. 

Access To Transportation Or Driveways

Since these type of homes are only up to 400 sq ft (anything larger than that is considered a Small House instead of a Tiny Home), they don’t typically have garages. 

You can have a driveway, or a separate car shelter, and some communities might have shared parking and parking structures, but it’s important to confirm what your transportation and vehicle options are before you’re committed. 

Texas is a state that’s kind of hard to navigate without your own vehicle, so you should be prepared for making long trips and having your own vehicle storage. 

Community Priorities

Tiny Home communities in Texas often have specific themes, priorities, and community goals. For instance, some might only use environmentally friendly roofing or require that your electricity come from solar or wind power. 

Some communities have shared gardens and other amenities or expect residents to spend a certain amount of time on community projects or cleanup. 

If you’re considering living in a specific community, make sure you know what they allow and expect from residents. 


One of the more concerning realities about this kind of living is that not all of these homes have traditional utilities

Homes without electricity, water service, or sewer connections, aren’t as rare as you might think. Building them without these utilities, or building them more like an RV when it comes to those utilities, can help keep them mobile and keep building costs lower. 

But if you want those utilities (and we don’t blame you!) you need to be looking for communities that have them available, or homes that are already connected to the local utility providers. 

How To Find A Real Estate Agency Who Can Help You Find Your Perfect  Home In Texas

This type of living is different from living in a normal home, and it’s not just the size that matters. Tiny Home Communities in Texas may have requirements, lack utility hookups, or just not have what you would expect in a standard urban or suburban community setting. 

You need a real estate agent who understands the differences, the communities, and the goals of people who are interested in Tiny Home living, and who can help you find the right community and regulatory fit. 

It’s also important to have a real estate agent who understands and isn’t judgmental about this kind of living, and who can help you prioritize and figure out which amenities and space features are most important to you! 

The Top Real Estate Agency In Texas Who Can Help You Find Your Perfect Tiny Home Community

If you’re looking for a real estate agency that understands Tiny Homes, is willing to work with you to find the perfect home, and who can walk you through the differences in homeownership and regulation, you’re in the right place! 

Contact Teifke Real Estate and see how exciting Tiny Home Living can really be!

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