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Providing Growth Opportunities in the Heart of Central Texas

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Learn more about TRE Growth Fund

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Diversified Portfolio for Maximum Returns

teifke real estate growth fund

Single Family Flips

  • Take advantage of surrounding Austin MSA or “undervalue” sub markets for maximum ROI
  • Average one single family flip per month with proven track record

Small Multifamily

  • High occupancy of 94% in Austin MSA in 2021
  • Take advantage of rent growth and property management controls

Mobile Home

  • Rent growth and maximizing on housing wealth disparity in Austin MSA
  • In-house management to control operations and cost

Housing Rentals

  • Austin MSA has seen fantastic occupancy rates for the prior decade.
  • Increase cashflow, equity paydown, and allows for appreciation.

Invest in Growing Markets

Population Growth Estimate

  • Since 2010, Austin Metro has gained 579,014 residents – 34% population growth!
  • Austin averages 184 new residents per day
  • San Francisco’s population decreased by 27,114 2019-mid 2020

“TECH” Job Growth

  • Samsung set to start $17B dollar expansion in north Austin for cutting edge manufacturing for next 15-20 years
  • Apple Campus Development – 3 million sq ft campus to house 5,000 employees
  • Tesla Gigafactory Austin to hire 5,000 employees
  • Oracle Headquarters Austin – est. 2,500 employees
  • BAE Systems moving to Austin to add est. 1,400 employees – Aerospace and Defense Industry
invest in growing markets

Current Assets

round rock duplex hold

Round Rock Duplex Hold

Rents $2,800

pflugerville single family flip

Pflugerville Single Family Flip

Rents $2,000

round rock six units hold

Round Rock Six Units Hold

Rents $8,000

Llano Duplexes

Llano Duplexes

Bought under-market value & increased rents by 30%

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