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The Real Estate Podcast

The Real Estate Podcast is hosted by TRE co-owners Matt Teifke and Alex Coffman. Both Matt and Alex are real estate investors and entrepreneurs with vast experience in the Austin area. In each episode, they discuss various real estate, business, and investing topics like:

  • Real estate wholesaling, forecasting, market trends,and homebuying
  • Raising capital for real estate investing and rental properties
  • Investing in high-quality triple net lease assets by incorporating blockchain
  • How to build wealth by investing in yourself

TRE Podcast is among the best real estate podcasts for anyone from brand new, first-year investors to those who have in-depth experience in commercial real estate investing.

About the Podcast

The Teifke Real Estate Podcast is hosted by the owners of Teifke Real Estate, Matt Teifke, and Alex Coffman. Matt and Alex are both real estate investors, seeking to change the way real estate is viewed and open up new opportunities for those that seek them. Alex and Matt are business owners and entrepreneurs with decades of experience. On each episode of the podcast, they deep dive into key real estate and business topics and provide their unique perspectives.

Matt Teifke’s Background

Matt Teifke grew up in Round Rock, Texas. He first became interested in real estate around the age of 13, when he saw his single mother make real estate investments that changed her life. Watching as her properties developed cash flow and increased in value, he became extremely passionate about the industry. She literally went from cleaning houses to owning them. Matt saw first-hand how real estate can be life changing and is on a mission to show others that have a true desire how to get more out of real estate.

Matt started his own real estate career at the age of 17 by earning his real estate license. He eventually obtained a master’s degree in real estate from Texas A&M University. After beginning his career in real estate, Matt started his own company, TRE in 2015. He has been working full-time building TRE since then.

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Alex Coffman’s Background

Alex also grew up in Round Rock and has been an entrepreneur since he was 13. He began his career in real estate by working for a property management company in Corpus Christi. However, soon after beginning his career, Alex started to found his own companies and make real estate investments in the Austin Area.

Alex partnered up with his friend Matt to go in on some real estate deals. Just a few years after working together, Alex and Matt had 30 units under contract. He also created a business called Absolute Recovery, which is a sober living business focused on helping people recover from addiction. Alex became a full partner of Teifke Real Estate in 2020. Now, Alex and Matt run the company together.

Topics that our Real Estate Investing Podcast Covers

We cover a wide range of real estate topics on our podcast. Some of the most common topics that we cover include:

  • How to get more out of real estate
  • Using real estate to help you reach all of your financial goals
  • Real estate education and lessons through experience
  • Real estate wholesaling – what is it, how to do it, how much money you can make doing it, etc.
  • How to raise capital successfully for real estate investments
  • Using blockchain to invest in real estate
  • Teifke Real Estate
  • Long-term real estate strategies
  • Real estate books that are very helpful
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Business real estate partnerships
  • How to manage multiple businesses
  • Lead generation and generating cash flow
  • Real estate coaching
  • Opening up the multiple worlds of real estate
  • Cannabis and real estate
  • Forecasts on mortgage rates, homeownership, and investment strategies

These are just some of the real estate investing and business topics that we discuss. New episodes air regularly and we are always breaking down the latest real estate trends and topics. We want to stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced and rapidly changing world especially when it comes to real estate.

Who is Our Real Estate Podcast For?

Our real estate podcast is for anyone who wants to learn more about real estate investing, entrepreneurship, growing their net worth, or forming successful companies. Real estate entrepreneurs who want to make money In and On real estate. Those who want to eliminate fear when it comes to investing. Both real estate beginners that are just starting their real estate investing journey and experts can benefit from listening to the Teifke Real Estate Podcast.
Whether you’re a new investor excited about the hustle of real estate or whether you are looking for advanced, long-term real estate strategies to help you grow your wealth over many years, we’ll help you grow into a real estate rockstar.

Real estate agents, real estate professionals, and anyone else who is currently involved or who wants to be involved in the real estate market can also learn a lot of useful information from this podcast. When it comes to real estate investing podcasts, ours provides some of the most beneficial information out there.


The Real Estate Investor Guests on Our Podcast

The Real Estate Podcast features many different guests, including successful real estate investors, business people, and entrepreneurs. In each episode that features a guest, we thoroughly interview the guest so that they can provide great insights into real estate investing and business.

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Most of our guests are successful real estate investors and business owners. We have some guests who are experts in commercial real estate and others who are experts in residential real estate. Some are experts in both fields. However, regardless of whether our guests made their wealth in real estate or not, they are all experts in business and provide great advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Some of our guests include:

  • Grant Cardone, Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker
  • Hal Elrod, Best-Selling Author
  • Tim Seymour, CNBC Host,  Jason Wild, President of JW Asset Management
  • Spencer Rascoff, former CEO/Founder of Zillow
  • Ben Kovler, CEO of Green Thumb, and many more
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Why Real Estate Investors Should Listen

When commercial or residential real estate investing is done correctly, it can lead to vast wealth. However, there are many different challenges that can arise for real estate investors. Being a successful real estate investor also requires skill, knowledge, and discipline. The Teifke Real Estate Podcast helps to provide real estate investors with all of the information that they need to learn how to be great real estate investors.

The Real Estate Podcast not only features expert advice and insights from Matt and Alex, our owners, but it also features brilliant information from extremely successful investors in the real estate industry and successful entrepreneurs in other fields. Anyone who is interested in learning more about real estate investing can benefit from listening to this podcast.

The Teifke Real Estate Podcast is a real estate investing community and all are welcome. We encourage anyone who wants to grow their wealth through the housing market to watch this podcast and join our community. Our podcast is one of the best real estate podcasts available for streaming and download.

Our Mission

The Mission of Our Podcast

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Both of the owners of Teifke Real Estate, Matt Teifke, and Alex Coffman have an incredible passion for real estate and real estate investing.

Real estate has completely changed their lives and helped them to become successful. Matt and Alex want to share their passion for and knowledge of real estate with as many people as possible. They care about people that want more from real estate and will do whatever they can to help.

They both believe that many people could become financially free if they knew more about real estate. So, they are helping to educate as many people as they can about this topic in order to help people live lives of financial abundance, joy, and peace.

Through our podcast, we want to provide real estate answers to all of the top questions that people have when they get started in the real estate business. To this end, we provide real estate news, developments, insights, and strategies that anyone can benefit from. Knowledge is power and we aim to help people discover their own financial strength.


Where can I watch or listen to The Real Estate Podcast?
You can find episodes of The Real Estate Podcast on our website or on YouTube. Audio episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.
What kinds of topics does The Real Estate Podcast Cover?
The podcast primarily covers real estate investing, multifamily real estate, real estate sales, entrepreneurship, passive income, and occasionally other types of investments such as cryptocurrency and Cannabis.
How long are episodes?
Episodes of The Real Estate Podcast usually range from about 30-60 minutes.
Who are the hosts of The Real Estate Podcast?
The owners of Teifke Real Estate, Matt Teifke and Alex Coffman are the hosts of the podcast.
What kinds of guests are on the podcast?
People that are striving to get more out of life. Those that seek to add value and grow with others are the dream guest. Successful real estate investors and business people are the most common guests on The Real Estate Podcast.