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Teifke Real Estate is a forerunning real estate brokerage

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Teifke Real Estate is a real estate brokerage in Austin, Texas that is geared towards helping real estate buyers, sellers, investors, and agents. Unlike many other real estate brokerages, we want to work with people who are interested in real estate in any way. This means that Teifke Real Estate will provide custom solutions for you based on your individual needs regardless of whether you are a real estate buyer, seller, investor, or agent. Teifke Real Estate is the ‘Home of the real enTREpreneur™’.

Teifke Real Estate was created by Matthew Teifke. Matthew created the business as a way to help him fulfill his dreams of creating financial freedom through real estate and helping as many other people as possible to do the same. Soon after founding the company, Matthew brought in his childhood friend, Alex Coffman, who also had a passion for real estate, into the business. Alex is also a real estate expert with many years of experience under his belt. Now Matthew and Alex run the business together.

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Matt, Alex, and all the employees of the company help to provide a wide array of services to people who are interested in real estate. These services include coaching, training, buying assistance, selling assistance, deal sourcing, construction, financing, investor assistance, and more.

Both Matt and Alex are incredibly passionate about real estate.

They are also experts in the Austin real estate market and the markets for the surrounding areas too, like Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park. Because they have decades of combined experience in these areas, Teifke Real Estate is able to help all of their clients to get ideal real estate solutions in these locations.

In addition to our other services, Teifke Real Estate also buys houses for cash. This means that if you have a house you want to sell quickly in Austin or the surrounding areas, then Teifke Real Estate could be the perfect option for you. Our all-cash offers close in 10-15 days, which can save you an abundance of time, while reducing headaches and stress for you.

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We want to unlock the power of real estate for those that want it!

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to succeed in real estate. This includes helping real estate agents to find financial freedom, helping sellers to find the best prices for their homes, and helping buyers and investors to find the best deals on the market. Both of our owners, Matt and Alex, have experienced a tremendous amount of success in the real estate industry and they want to help other people to achieve success too. They care deeply about all of their employees and clients.

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Together with our agents and clients, we lead the industry.

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