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What Are The Best Places To Live In San Antonio?: Best Neighborhoods, Schools, And Communities In San Antonio

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Jul 8, 2022 6 MIN READ

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San Antonio is a wonderful space in Texas full of vibrant neighborhoods, great people, and plenty of exciting activities. Moving to San Antonio is pretty popular among people looking for a diverse environment to live in.

San Antonio is located in the center of the great state of Texas, which gives people living in San Antonio great access to the other big cities. San Antonio is also more affordable than other cities in Texas. Notably, the cost of living in San Antonio is 11% lower than the cost of living in Austin.

San Antonio has so much to offer to its residents and people in the nearby area. It has great energy, has a reputation for fantastic restaurants and food, And has a growing job market that is anticipated to keep growing.

However, there are many neighborhoods in San Antonio which can make it difficult to figure out where to move. If you are planning on moving to San Antonio, it is important to do your research on the neighborhoods in and around San Antonio so that you can pick the one with the best fit for you and your life.

Please read on to learn more about the different neighborhoods in San Antonio, what each neighborhood has to offer you, and how to make the best decision for your needs! 

What Are The Best Places To Live In San Antonio & Why?

Because there were so many great neighborhoods in and around San Antonio, it can be hard to pick a favorite! However, some distinct neighborhoods offer people different vibes and different luxuries.

To begin with, we will start with the downtown area of San Antonio. Downtown San Antonio is the historic center of the city. It is full of rich and beautiful history and is home to the famous River Walk, which is a 15-mile-long waterway in the city with plenty of museums, bars, restaurants, and more along its Shores.

Downtown San Antonio is also home to the Alamo, an Infamous location of a great battle in American history.

best places to live in san antonio

Downtown San Antonio is the epitome of San Antonio’s culture. Houses in this area are often high-rise apartments or condo-style living. Downtown San Antonio is a great walking neighborhood, which means you can cut down on gas and avoid getting stuck in traffic because everything is within walking distance!

The schools in downtown San Antonio are great. There are several elementary schools and colleges in the area including the Henry Ford Academy Alameda School for Art design, which is a college prep school for students in High School who want to explore the arts in their education.

The second neighborhood on our list is Alamo Heights. Alamo Heights is just about 5 miles north of the center of San Antonio and is a small neighborhood with around 8,000 residents. Alamo Heights is home to the schools for Terrell Hills, the neighboring neighborhood, and Alamo Heights. 

Alamo Heights is a neighborhood with tons of trees along the sides of the roads, plenty of flowering trees and bushes, and lots of green spaces. It is a great place for people who love the classic Texas town aesthetic. There are several shopping centers and restaurants as well as grocery stores in Alamo Heights.

Alamo Heights is considered an affluent neighborhood, but of the affluent neighborhoods in the San Antonio area, Alamo Heights is a bit more affordable. There are plenty of different styles of homes in Alamo Heights, ranging from huge estates to bungalows! 

Terrell Hills is our third neighborhood on the list. Terrell Hills is a classy and upscale neighborhood with a relaxed and slow pace. It is located in northeast San Antonio and has approximately 10,000 residents. Although the public schools are in neighboring Alamo Heights, they are highly rated.

Terrell Hills is considered one of the safest areas around San Antonio, which makes it a great place for families and people who have retired. The average cost of a property in Terrell Hills is well past half a million dollars, and some Estates spell for several million. Although the housing market is a bit cheaper on the Eastern side of the town, it is not cheaper by much, making Terrell Hills an incredibly affluent neighborhood. 

Fourth is Helotes, a town of 10,000 people on the Northwestern edge of San Antonio. Helotes has a wonderful environment full of rustic charm and history. Helotes is also home to a historic country store that sells a variety of delicious foods and other goods including tamales, and homemade bread, and they host a honky tonk on the weekend!

Housing in this neighborhood is more affordable than in some of the other neighborhoods, but despite their affordability, you can find luxury homes and estates here. Nearby is also the government Canyon State Natural Area and downtown San Antonio, so there is easy access to activities for both nature lovers and city lovers!

Best Places To Visit When You Decide to Live In San Antonio

There are many famous and exciting places in San Antonio and the surrounding area, but none is more famous than the legendary fort Alamo. Here you can enjoy the local history, the history of the Battle of the Alamo, and enjoy the beautiful space and environment. 

Besides the Alamo, the San Antonio River Walk is another extremely popular and famous location to visit. Along the 15-mile Waterway are tons of local eateries, hotels, bars, restaurants, local live music joints, and other businesses.

The San Antonio River Walk is very famous at night for having great nightlife and during the day for being a hotspot to find something to do. Besides being a great place to find a new favorite restaurant or try something new at a local bar, the atmosphere is beautiful and the businesses are always excited to see new faces!

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San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is another great place for the history buffs to visit. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a park where an eighteenth-century fort still stands. It is run by park rangers who lead tours throughout the day and you are very knowledgeable about San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and the surrounding area of San Antonio.

The San Antonio Zoo is another spot that you should visit if you are moving to San Antonio. The San Antonio Zoo is perfect for families with children, and there is always something exciting going on! The zoo is 45 acres large and boasts over 750 different animal species! In addition, they have special exhibitions and a train!

Lastly, San Antonio is also home to a sea world where you can enjoy aquatic-themed rides, sea animals, and marine life, and enjoy live marine life shows. There are also Six Flags near San Antonio, which has tons of rides and a waterpark, making it fun for the whole family and people of all ages!

Besides these big attractions, there are also many little things to explore in and around San Antonio. Visiting different places in the neighborhood you plan to move she was a great way to get to know some of the people in your new community as well as become acclimated to the area.

How To Know Which Places Will Best Suit Your Needs When Living In San Antonio

Figuring out what neighborhood in San Antonio suits your needs best can be a challenge. There are a lot of neighborhoods with a lot of different vibes so it can seem overwhelming and almost scary.

You recommend that you visit the neighborhoods you know of and are considering moving to and get to know the local people. Go to a local bar or restaurant and get to chatting with the server or the chef, strike up a conversation with the cashier, or talk to somebody that you meet at the park!

You will get a lot more information about the neighborhood and if it can suit your needs by talking to locals in the neighborhood than you can get online. That is not to say that you should not do your research online, you definitely should, but you should back it up by visiting the place you plan to live.

If you can, try spending the night at a hotel or an Airbnb in the neighborhood so that you can get the full experience.

Finding A Real Estate Company That Can Find You The Perfect Home To Live In The Best Place In San Antonio

When it comes to finding a home, you want to make sure that you are relying on a reputable and strong real estate company with great real estate agents. Not only do good real estate agents know the housing market, but they know the neighborhoods that they are selling and buying it.

A good real estate company and a good real estate agent can help you to figure out what neighborhood can best serve you and suit your needs. These premier real estate agents are a step above the rest, and cannot wait to help you find your new neighborhood in San Antonio!

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