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What Are The Best Neighborhoods In Austin To Live In?: Here Are The Top Votes

Amanda Stevens

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Jun 8, 2022 6 MIN READ

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Austin is one of the most popular cities to live in right now. It has a booming economy, a huge amount of diversity, great weather, and so much more. Students love Austin the same as their parents do. 

Austin is full of different areas and neighborhoods with different aesthetics and styles, plenty of new and historic architecture, and so much more. Some are better than others, of course. There are some neighborhoods in Austin that are pretty sketchy, while others are safe, so it is important to know what the best places in Austin are when you are thinking about looking for a new home. 

What Makes A Neighborhood The Best In Austin To Live In?

Austin is a fantastic city with so much appeal. Both the city and the surrounding suburban neighborhoods have several neighborhoods that are pretty well known for being the best places to live in Austin. 

Austin is a rapidly growing city, with tons of incoming business and an incredible economy, making it a highly sought-after area for folks looking to buy a home in the area. Plus, the cultural scene in Austin is one of the best, making it a great place for people to explore new foods, cultures, and traditions, and meet people with different backgrounds. 

The best place to live in Austin will depend on what you are looking for. What is best for one home buyer may not be best for another. 

If you are looking for a place with access to Downtown, then a neighborhood with quick access or good public transport to Downtown is best. If you want green spaces, focus on areas where there are lots of parks or access to nature. 

There are also safe neighborhoods and unsafe neighborhoods in Austin, so make sure that you are looking for one that is relatively safe.

How What You Are Looking For In A Neighborhood Will Help You Decide The Best Neighborhood To Live In

Figuring out what you are looking for is a super important part of finding the neighborhood you want to look for a new home in. You should start by identifying the vibe you want to live in. Do you want electric, exciting, new, and buzzing? Or would you rather be calm and quiet? Maybe somewhere with tons of parks?

Identify what is a must-have, what is a want, and what you do not want. This makes it easier to look at descriptions of neighborhoods and pick out the ones you want to explore more.

One of the best ways to figure out if you like a neighborhood is to go spend a day exploring it. Check out local shops, parks, and events to see if you enjoy the area and what it has to offer. Ask people you meet that day how they like the area. Knowing what you want makes it so much easier to get a starting point on where to look. 

What Are The Best Neighborhoods In Austin To Live In?

All of the neighborhoods we will discuss have either easy access to or are located at the heart of the city. It is important to note that because of the attractive environment both socially and economically, it can be a challenge to find a home if you have a tight budget. 

The top ten neighborhoods in Austin are below, followed by an in-depth review of their features!

  • Franklin Park
  • Riverside
  • South Manchaca
  • South Lamar
  • East Austin
  • Mueller
  • 78704
  • Hyde Park / North Loop
  • Allendale / Rosedale
  • Clarksville

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Franklin Park is a perfect neighborhood for working professionals in their 30s, university students, and families with teenage kids. It is an affordable neighborhood with tons of parks and lots of pro-earth and “green” minded people. Franklin park is quiet and a great place to enjoy what Austin has to offer while being close to a variety of green spaces. 

Franklin Park is primarily a residential neighborhood with a few bars, shops, and eateries, but it has fantastic access to Downtown Austin, all the major highways, and the University of Texas. While it may not be the safest neighborhood, it certainly is not the most dangerous neighborhood in Austin. 

Riverside Park is a great neighborhood for university students because it is an affordable area with plenty to do. It is easily a walkable area packed with tons of entertainment and nightlife, which attracts lots of young people like students or professionals on a budget. Plus, it has great access to Downtown Austin and the University of Texas. It is not the safest neighborhood, less safe than Franklin Park, but it has plenty to offer. 

South Manchaca is another neighborhood perfect for young families and students. It is super close to Downtown Austin and has easy access to shopping centers, and local highways. Most of the people living in this neighborhood are working class, students, or working students! It is a safe neighborhood with good schools, affordability, and green spaces. 

South Lamar is a hotspot for people who want to live in a diverse and exciting community. There is plenty of nightlife in South Lamar, (called SoLa by locals), and has a large community of artists, musicians, young people, and young families. It is an up-and-coming neighborhood with lots of development occurring in less than a decade. There are great schools, and parks, and it is walkable, which is good because rush hour traffic here can be an issue. 

East Austin used to be a very sketchy neighborhood, but that changed over the past years. Now, East Austin is a perfect place for independent movers who are looking for an affordable area near Downtown Austin. There are plenty of locally run businesses including eateries, bars, and shops. It is a great place for people looking to try new things, plus the mix of historic and new housing projects makes it easy to find a home you like!

78704 is the area that includes Bouldin Creek, Zilker, South Congress, and Travis Heights, so it is a large area. It is a great place for young professionals who love adventure. There are plenty of parks, music shows, art exhibitions, and more. Each of the neighborhoods in 78704 has unique characteristics. 

  • Bouldin Creek
    • Perfect area for young, single people who enjoy getting out and about with the exciting nightlife.
  • Zilker
    • Zilker is a music hub, mainly known for hosting Austin City Limits and South by Southwest music festivals.
  • South Congress
    • Called SoCo by locals, this is one of the most well-known areas. There are tons of locally owned businesses and is generally regarded as a very trendy and fun area.
  • Travis Heights
    • Travis Heights is perfect for folks looking for old and historic homes. There are beautiful green spaces and its unique landscape allows residents to enjoy the view of Austin

Mueller is a perfect area for families! There are tons of parks and green spaces. When you think you have seen them all, there are more! There have been lots of new housing development in Mueller, and it is considered to be one of the most sustainable areas in Austin. It is a very walkable neighborhood, but the main city is still easy to access by car or public transport. Mueller should be a top choice for families who enjoy getting outside with their kids. 

Hyde Park and North Loop are neighborhoods for people who love getting outside. There are lots of students and sporty young professionals. There are plenty of historic homes, funky coffee shops, chill nightlife, and thrift stores, which makes it a very indie-pop kind of area. The vibe of this neighborhood is very relaxed and calm, but Downtown Austin is a short ride away for more action. 

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Allendale and Rosedale is a neighborhood for older folks or families with adult children. It is a historic neighborhood in Austin but offers lots of charm in the form of locally owned businesses, parks, and a high safety rating. There are plenty of public amenities. Additionally, the relaxed and peaceful nature of this area is a beautiful respite from Downtown Austin. 

Clarksville is a historic neighborhood in Austin that sits right next to Downtown. There are beautiful houses in Clarksville and the residents are a conglomeration of all demographics. You can find students, older families, young families, workers, and more in Clarksville. Homes in Clarkesville can be a bit more expensive because of how amazing it is, but it is a perfect place to live in Austin!

The Best Realty Agent In Austin To Help You Find The Best Neighborhoods To Live In

Finding a good house is much easier with a good realty agent, especially in a competitive housing market like Austins. Good agents help you figure out what you want, find it, and negotiate the price, so you want a good one in your corner. 

Teifke Real Estate is a perfect option for people looking to explore what Austin has to offer to them while looking for a new house. Reach out today and take the next step towards your new home!

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