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We’ve made a commitment to provide as much content to the world as possible…All FOR FREE! We’re on a mission to teach others how to Make Money In And On Real Estate.


Teifke Real Estate: Home of the enTREpreneur

Founded in Austin, TX, Teifke Real Estate continues to be one of the fastest-growing independent real estate brokerages in Texas. With locations from Austin to Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Amarillo, and more.

Teifke Real Estate is not your average real estate brokerage. We want to teach others how to make money in real estate as an agent and on real estate as an investor. We believe that real estate provides opportunities for everyone.

The TRE brand is all about the people. We’re hustlers, thinking outside of the box.


Educational Content

In today’s video, we’ll cover how to best set up your newly available rental property.

Find a good property manager and listing agent who can be the same person. Save yourself some time and headache by utilizing property management vs managing yourself. Guess what? You can also use this as a tax-deductible!! As always, do a thorough check when hiring a property manager.

After last week’s video, you should have found the perfect deal for your first property using the BRRRR strategy.

When tackling the rehab process in the BRRRR Strategy, it’s important to not go too far with the rehab. What do we mean by this?


Our Latest Vlog

Tag along a day in the life of enTREpreneurs, Matt and Alex, owners of Teifke Real Estate. From having to attend a virtual court date for an eviction, to getting a sneak peek on our ‘How to Make Money in Real Estate’ course with Matt, to game planning on content for you, our viewers, the day quickly goes by.

Thank you for following along our journey here at TRE, we love and appreciate you!

Recent House Flips

This home remodel by our partners, Longhorn Construction and Development, was done in Cedar Park. Take a look!

Alex walks you through the final reveal of our latest flip in East Austin! You’re going to love every detail that our crew, Longhorn Construction & Development, put into this multi-family, fourplex, property!