Why We Think Real Estate Investing in Austin, TX is Worth It

Jan 22, 2022 2 MIN READ



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Intense Population Growth!

Since 2010, Austin Metro has gained 579,014 residents – 34% population growth!

■Austin averages 184 new residents per day

■San Francisco’s population decreased by 27,114 2019-mid 2020


Austin metro’s record-smashing year ended with nearly 27K jobs announced from relocations, expansions – Austin Business Journal

■Samsung set to start $17B dollar expansion in north Austin for cutting edge manufacturing for next 15-20 years

■Apple Campus Development – 3 million sq ft campus to house 5,000 employees

■Tesla Gigafactory Austin to hire 5,000 employees and overtime it will create at least 20,000 direct jobs and 100,000 indirect jobs.

■Oracle Headquarters Austin – est. 2,500 employees

■BAE Systems moving to Austin to add est. 1,400 employees – Aerospace and Defense Industry

Austin is NOT stopping in growth anytime soon and you have to play the long game when looking to invest in real estate here. You have to buy properties and make money on the buy.

Even though single-family home prices increased by more than 33% (through Q3 2021), homes in Austin are still half as expensive as in other major metros.

Real Estate Market!

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