We’ve Expanded into the Corpus Christi Real Estate Market with the Same Vision

Oct 15, 2021 3 MIN READ



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Corpus Christi Bay

Corpus Christi Bay


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For those that don’t know, Matt started his real estate career in Corpus Christi with Garron Dean & Associates when he was 17.

Recently, the two become partners by merging. Garron Dean & Associates are well known in the Corpus Christi area and they also have an office in Kerrville, TX. Garron Dean was born and raised in Corpus Christi.

In 1980, he opened up the office of Garron Dean and Associates and has been actively involved in the community ever since. Garron also was the president of the board of realtors in Corpus Christi as well. Head over to garrondean.com to view their current listings.

“Reconnecting to Corpus and opening shop has been a dream since day 1. We’re so excited to team up and help carry on the reputation Garron built and bring the enTREpreneurial spirit to CC!”
— Matthew Teifke & Alex Coffman

We are so excited to grow in this area as well as invest in the community. We are looking to connect with others in the industry whether you are an agent, wholesaler, lender, investor, etc. We want to grow our network and be a resource to others.

If you’re an agent and looking to get more out of real estate, let’s talk about how we can help. Our core focus is helping agents learn how to make money IN real estate as an agent and ON real estate as an investor.

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