Top 5 Reasons to Live in Round Rock, TX

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As someone who grew up in Round Rock, TX, I love this great city. There’s no shortage of things to do and tons of reasons to live here. Today I want to share with you a few of the things that I love about this city that I truly believe make it stand out.

1. Location

Round Rock is uniquely situated just north of Austin, TX, and it’s only a stones throw away. You can easily get to Austin within 15 minutes from Round Rock and enjoy all the amenities it has to offer, while also enjoying living in the great city of Round Rock. Not only that, Round Rock is right in the middle of the Greater Austin Area, with Georgetown 20 minutes north, Hutto 20 minutes east, and Cedar Park 20 minutes west.

2. Good for Families

Round Rock is a great set up for families. I’ve seen Round Rock in several “Top 10 safest cities to live in” lists, and it most definitely feels that way. The Police Department is great and makes the city feel safe. There’s also plenty of safe activities to do outside at the many parks the city hosts.

3. Good School District

Round Rock is home to a fantastic school system. You can tell that the city officials care about the well being and livability of the city, and that shows itself in the good public schools. I went through the Round Rock school system and my kids are gonna go through it as well. With how well the public schools are handled, I’m happy with it and don’t have to worry about looking into private options.

4. Parks

There’s a ton of parks in Round Rock! It’s home to a variety of different parks that you will no doubt enjoy, and the city is always putting new infrastructure in place for new ones. From Veterans Park, to the dog park, to Old Settlers Park, there’s a diverse selection of sports and outdoor activities for you to have fun with.

5. The People

I truly believe that the people of Round Rock make this a great place to live. Not only is it home to the stereotypical Texan friendliness, but there’s a certain charm to the city specifically. People want to help you, from the average person to the city officials, and you can tell that everyone really cares about the city of Round Rock.

I truly believe Round Rock is the best place in the country. It’s done a lot for me and my family and I’d like to see it help yours as well.

-Matt Teifke

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