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Our Team

Matthew Teifke Broker/Co-Owner


Matthew was raised in Round Rock, Texas where he loved playing sports and competing in anything imaginable with his younger brother. It was around the age of 13 that Matt saw his single mother start to invest in real estate and he was immediately drawn to the industry. At the age of 17 Matt became a licensed realtor and worked through college at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. He earned his degree but his mind was made up that real estate was the path for him. He went on to earn a Masters of Real Estate from Texas A&M in College Station and started a career in commercial real estate. In 2015, alongside his wife Lexi, Matt started TRE Homes Property Management and three short years later he left commercial real estate to grow his company full-time. In 2020, he merged his property management company with another industry leader. He then doubled down on growing his brokerage, Teifke Real Estate. He brought on a long-time friend as a Partner, Alex Coffman.

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Alex Coffman Co-Owner

Alex has been passionate about real estate since his earliest years growing up in Round Rock. He has always been an entrepreneur and worked for himself since the early age of 13. Alex first dove into real estate by managing administrative and maintenance tasks at a property management company in Corpus Christi. He later moved back to Austin where he started 2 businesses in the recovery industry. Alex started to invest with Matt and grew their real estate partnership with over 30 units under contract and closed in their first couple years together. At the time, Alex was primarily focusing on his other business, Absolute Recovery, a sober living house which helps families and their loved ones facing addiction. His primary focus in real estate investments is commercial multifamily. In May of 2020, Alex officially became a partner at Teifke Real Estate where he currently oversees the operations of the brokerage and the different branches of the company. Alex continues to operate Absolute Recovery and give back to those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. 

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