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Hey, guys, what’s going on? Matt Teifke here in Austin, Texas – Opportunity City – Teifke real estate. We wanted to kind of dive in about how we view real estate.

People might realize we have a lot of different things going on with construction, with property management, with wholesaling, buying our own properties, managing a real estate brokerage. But I think that there’s a whole different level to real estate that a lot of people don’t understand.

And honestly, I wish that they did. I think a lot of people look at real estate as being one dimensional, whether they’re an investor or an agent or a property manager, and then they zone in on that path. But I think you can kind of look at all of these things and have an all encompassing view and get a little bit more creative. That’s what we try to do. That’s what we’re constantly learning and trying to get better at.

And we really just want to get this message out to people that it can be for everyone. Whether you have a full time job or not, or even if you’re a full time agent. Maybe there’s five other things that you can be doing. There’s just so much to get out of real estate. We really believe that we have a brokerage and the team set up to help you as an agent get the most out of real estate. That’s what we’re set up for.

We are agents and brokers, but we’re also investors. And a lot of people just wear that one hat of being an agent or being an investor, but we try to do all of it. It lets you get more deals done. It lets you be more of yourself to be able to find your own niche and not have and fit into a box. For me personally, I feel very blessed that real estate was an outlet for me in a lot of ways.

When I was growing up, I was somewhat athletic – I played sports, but I wasn’t the best at it. And I wasn’t necessarily the smartest person, there was a lot of concepts or things that I couldn’t grasp, whether that was science or chemistry or whatever it may be. But real estate was like something that I got. And for whatever reason, my skill sets work out very well with it, in my opinion, as far as being a people person, being a risk taker, being someone who tries to be super consistent and someone who tries to build and play a really long game.

One thing I love about real estate is I plan to do this when I’m 80 years old. There’s no reason I can’t be signing contracts, or looking at deals, or analyzing or meeting new partners. It’s a different type of work. It’s not a physical work. It is something you can do forever.

A lot of people have different careers that have a time limit on it. And I know most people aren’t professional athletes, but a lot of jobs do have a potential time limit on them. Whether that be physically, mentally, or simple time commitment, real estate I don’t feel has that in a lot of ways.

I think that it’s one of the best industries there are for people to go make money and create their own lifestyle. And I think that for the right person, like for me, if you have certain skill sets that fit well with it, there’s a lot that you can accomplish with it. And so we’re very passionate about that. We try to always be pushing the limits. And what I want to kind of dive in on today is how I view real estate.

On top of that, I really do believe that I view real estate differently than most people. For example, just yesterday I was showing a property to a client that was looking to buy a house in Round Rock. And so I’m excited one to help her buy property, find somewhere to live something that she loves, make money. But also I get to get out and see the market, see what’s listed, see what’s available. I look at the listing and I say, who’s the listing agent? How many listings do they have? Should I meet this person for the future? Could it be a good connection? Is this a property that if my client passes on, I might have another client that wants it. Is this a property that we could put an offer on and flip it? Can we buy it as a rental? Could we buy it as an Airbnb short term rental? I try to think about every aspect of it. Maybe I even know another realtor that has a client looking and I just tell them about it and they get a deal done. And then now I’m helping someone – I’m building some credibility with them. So there’s like all these different angles that are going on at all times, whether you’re an agent, investor, if it’s residential, or commercial. There’s so many aspects to real estate. And what I personally try to do is learn as many of them as I could throughout my entire career, whether that be apartment leasing, doing appraisals, commercial retail brokerage, single family flips, wholesaling, multifamily, industrial.

The one thing I’ve never truly focused on was office real estate. And I’m really honestly not that interested in it for whatever reason. Maybe it’s just that there’s enough going on. I could get interested in it, but there’s enough going on in our sphere where we feel really good about it, where we know how to attack what we’re trying to do or trying to accomplish. And so it’s just about getting after it.

What a lot of people don’t realize that there’s wholesaling if you have no money, right. If you are a new agent and you have no money and you’re just getting started, what you have to understand is you have the ability to wholesale to represent the client and get the commission to go raise money and buy that proper yourself. And so there’s not just one strategy – and not a lot of brokerages or brokers teach this stuff, maybe they don’t care about it or they just really believe in only zoning in on one thing, which is fine. I think there’s nothing wrong with that. But what we believe in is being entrepreneurial and trying everything out. And I think the more you know and your understanding of all these angles, the better realtor you can be anyways. And so it’s really important to understand that there’s a whole other world out there. There’s the single family, there’s the commercial, there’s the wholesaling. We have tried to know all the players and know how it works in each of these worlds, and then come up with our own approach on how to take properties down or how to put deals together.

Because some people (most people) play in a space and that’s the only space they play in. It’s like: “Hey, I’m a residential agent, I don’t do commercial” and “I’m a commercial agent, I don’t do residential” and I get it. But we just aren’t that way. We want to be able to do it all, understand it all. And there’s so much that you can benefit through having that mentality and seeing things that other people don’t see. And that’s what we really believe in. And we want to help people get there as well.

So if there’s any kind of questions or specifics that we can dive into. We’d love to help out with it. Like I said, for me, I just am so fortunate and blessed that I found this space. I love it. I get it. There’s a lot of things that I don’t get, but real estate is something I definitely do. And we just want to keep trying to press forward. We want to get around good people and always keep learning. Back in the day, I used to type in real estate three times a day on Google and just read what articles came up. I started doing that again recently. I don’t know why I stopped, to be honest, because it’s really cool – there’s all kinds of articles all over the country, all over the world, and it’s just learning little tips. There’s so many things you can learn with real estate.

So never stop learn
ing. Realize that the real estate test that you take is not the knowledge that you need to have. That’s the basics. But it’s not. Teaching you how to go get your own deal done, or how to build your own career, build your network. Those are important things where you’ve got to just get out there and talk to people. I built my career in the first four or five years on finding mentors. I had multiple people that would sit down with me for an hour, two hours every single day, and they saw something in me that they wanted to put that time into, which is probably the fact that I was committed and I was hungry. I cared about this. I was serious. I wanted to add value for them. I would do whatever they told me to do. And in turn they sat down and taught me. And so I’m big on trying to do the same. I’d love if somebody wanted to sit down with me for an hour a day, honestly, never had anyone ask. And that’s fine. But like that is what led to my success. I think a lot of people don’t do that.

And it’s really important to just talk to more and more people because like I said, there’s all these different things going on and you’re just constantly learning. I met with a builder last Friday. Fascinating to me, he had worked for KB Homes for twenty years and now he started his own. And it was interesting because he has the same window guys, the same sheetrock, same tile, the same lumber that the big homebuilders are getting. And he’s doing that on his own because he had all those connections.

And for me, I’ve always thought in the back of my head, developments the pinnacle of real estate. And the more I thought about it, at least right now. I was like, man, I don’t want to go build a house and be competing with guys like this. I’d rather find deals and wholesale them to him, or find a deal and have him build it where we’ll put the money up some way together and we’ll split the profits.

So for me, another way that I look at it is finding a lot of a lot of good people that specialize. Trying to put people together with myself or with other people. Not being the guy that says: “hey, I connected you to him. What’s what’s my take? What do I get from this?” I always hated that because, well, what value are you bringing?

That’s the real question. And if you bring enough value, you don’t need to, like, force your way into a deal to try and make some money on it. It’s just going to be known this is the value that that person brings. And in my opinion, that’s who you want to work with, is people that get that. So, so many aspects. Obviously, we’re passionate about this and it’s just amazing about how many things are going on in the real estate world.

In a lot of ways, real estate is almost everything that you see, right? Restaurants, you go to: real estate. Where you live: real estate. Where you’re driving and looking around: real estate. It is a part of everyone’s lives on a daily basis. And just to know a little bit about it is going to be very valuable for you. Even if you just want to rent a property, if you want to rent for the rest of your life, there’s no problem with that.

But understanding that you can go to the landlord and sign a ten year lease and have the rent stay the same for ten years, that could save you thousands of dollars. So real estate’s going to be a part of your life pretty much no matter what you do. And I think even if you don’t want to go full time, it’s very valuable to understand, to know, and to understand how it works. So that’s what we’re here for. We want to kind of shine the light on real estate and what it can be.

I feel very blessed that I was introduced to it and I understand it. And we just want to help give back any way we can.

-Matt Teifke

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