How to go ‘Above and Beyond’ When Explaining Your Real Estate Market

Aug 6, 2021 2 MIN READ



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When in the business of Real Estate, knowing your market is your bread and butter. The reason for this is eventually, you’re going to need to explain your market. Whether it’s to your clients, family, friends, or investors, knowing how to properly explain your market to somebody else will help you go above and beyond and distinguish you from others.

Screen Share the Map

Whether your client is out of town or in town, a screen share is an easy way to help your client understand your market much better. Hop on a virtual call with your client and share your screen with them as you go over a map of the town. Try and go over the different cities of the area, including their characteristics and highway structures. Touch on different retail locations and high-density job areas. Be sure to also share your personal perspective of the area as well as your opinion on places of importance. The point of this is to show your client what the market looks like from a birds-eye view, and a general feel of your market.

Drive Around with Your Client

After sharing your map with your client, it can also be a good idea to drive around your market with them as well. Not only will it stand out to them, but is actually of a huge value to your client. Understanding how the area and properties look like make a world of difference when it comes to their property purchasing. Let them get a gist for not only how a city looks – but the feel of it, too. Make sure to get to every town in your market, including the smaller suburbs. This takes time, but it will go a long way with your client and is truly valuable.

Show Them the Cool & Unique Spots

Last but not least, show them the cool spots! For instance, if you’re in the Austin area: take them to the Domain, Rainey street, Downtown Round Rock, or The Square in Georgetown. These are just a few ideas, but cool and unique spots like these are huge for getting a cultural feel for each of these cities at a glance.

Doing these 3 things for your clients will truly help you go above and beyond for them, and your client won’t forget it. It takes time and effort but the value you’re bringing is worth it for them and is great for building long term relationships with your clients.

It can be summed up as this: Try to use all of your real estate knowledge that you have and provide as much value as you can.

-Matt Teifke

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