Getting Your Real Estate License in Texas is Easy as 1,2,3,4

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Brandon meeting with one of his clients

Brandon meeting with one of his clients


Step One

File your application with the Texas Real Estate Commission


Step 2

Take your real estate courses

There are 6 courses that you’ll need to take for a total of 180 hours.

  • Principles of Real Estate I

  • Principles of Real Estate II

  • Real Estate Finance

  • Law of Contracts

  • Law of Agency

  • Promulgated Contracts and Forms


Step 3

Fingerprints & Background Check

It’s important to try and schedule this as early as you can because sometimes it can take up to 4 weeks.

You’ll get your fingerprints done and they’ll run an FBI check as well. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks before getting results back.

It’s important to note that a license will not be issued if the background check hasn’t passed.

Expect a delay if you are notified of an investigation into your background history. Unfortunately, there aren’t any exact guidelines of what will be accepted.

Have something in your background that you’re concerned about?

One thing to focus on when you’re going through the background portion, if you do have something on your criminal history is just to tell the truth. Full disclosure. Tell the truth. TREC is looking for full disclosure, honesty trustworthiness, and integrity.

Step 4

Pass state & national tests!

What’s needed to pass? What do I bring?

  • Bring 2 forms of identification (passport, social security card, or driver’s license)

  • Pass with a score of 70% or higher


How much does it cost?

Classes can run anywhere from $350 to $1,000 depending on where you take classes.

Fingerprints will run anywhere from $35 to $50 depending on where you go.

You’ll also have to give the Recovery Trust Fund $10.

Total, you’re looking at anywhere from $650-$1,500.


Have questions?

Reach out to us anytime. Fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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— Jim Rohn

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