4 Best Networking Tips for Agents

Sep 21, 2020 3 MIN READ



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Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Today, I wanted to dive in and talk about four things that are important when being a real estate agent, as far as networking goes.

Number One: You Have Be Active on Social Media. We do this ourselves and we’re trying to be on every platform, putting out content every single day. The idea here is that you’re constantly being in front of people and they know that you’re a real estate professional. You can’t just come out one day and say you’re selling real estate and expect that to start happening. So it takes a consistent approach and being top of mind, and that’s really critical and important as social media is super important these days since everyone’s on there. So, utilize social media to the best of its ability. I got started in real estate when I was 17 years old. I remember creating a Twitter account. I put a decal on my truck. I was on YouTube. This was a little bit early on in these platforms. Now I’m 10-11 years in the works.

It’s just a constant process. You’ve got to put yourself out there for people to know who you are. You’re able to meet with people from all over the world, all over the country on some of these platforms. Utilize social media to the best of its ability. If you’re not constantly putting on social media, you’re really missing the mark in some cases, as far as networking and building your business as a real estate agent.

Number Two: Networking is critical. You have got to get out and meet people. I’ve seen tremendous value in this process, myself. I’m a huge networker. Ido three to four coffees a day, sometimes even more, but as you get out and meet people, you understand what’s going on. You understand the market, you get to know who they are, and how you can add value. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize how is this going to benefit you? But you have to get out there and see it and put yourself out there and you will see results come from this.

Number Three: Always Add Value. Gary V style. You’re always trying to help people out; ask real questions. Like, “How can I truly add value for you?” Actually, go add that value for people and with the long-term approach, it will just start coming around full circle. People will start helping you out. You’ll feel good about doing this. You’ll be in a position where you’re giving and not taking. People respect that. Always remember to add real value for the people that you’re networking with and you’re meeting on social media and just in your daily life.

Number Four: the Follow-up is Key. You can have a great meeting and never talk to somebody again. Or you can have a great meeting and be consistent and add value and get to know them and do multiple things with them over the years. So, just a simple meeting is not going to do the networking trick. You have to follow up, you have to add value, and you’ve got to stay on social media.

These four things in my opinion are extremely critical and extremely valuable when you’re a real estate agent. If you’re looking for a brokerage, hit this link. We’re here to help. Thank you again.

-Matt Teifke | Owner & Broker at TRE

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